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WiP Undertaker Plushie - Body by LilyHellsing
WiP Undertaker Plushie - Body
Just need to go buy his hair and make it. :D Hat isn't shown cause it's on my bookcase (so kitty doesn't eat it)
WiP Undertaker Plushie - Head and Hat by LilyHellsing
WiP Undertaker Plushie - Head and Hat
First attempt at sewing, first attempt plushing. Meet mini-UT. Well, his head, his scar, his smile, and his hat at least. I still need to get the felt for his hair. I'll be attempting to make the body tomorrow -- wish me luck. I'll post updates when I feel accomplished at certain parts lol.
And I'm hoping to eventually make a decent good sized Undertaker one day. I'll be making/attempting to make patterns for that until then.
Oh, yes, all of this is pretty much free....hand? Free sewn? No patterns. Christ.
Anyway! :) Until next time.
Kim Possible was in sight. She just needed to look up and look closely to spy their tree house. Trinity scowled slightly before looking at Monty, willing her legs to obey her, to obey him. He didn’t take his eyes off the redhead. “Princess.” He repeated the nickname with a hint of warning this time. Clearly this wasn’t up for debate or the time to go back on an understanding.
Reluctantly, she stepped back from the window and looked around. It didn’t take long to grab a few things and shove it in a bag. Mostly female things, her things; anything left behind would either be hidden by the monkey ninjas or mistaken for Monty’s things. Then she slid into the closet, prepared to dart out the window and escape if needed.
But as much as she prayed that they wouldn’t be noticed, that Kim wouldn’t look up and be the usual keen-eyed hero she was, she knew it was pointless. Minutes after she hid, a familiar shriek was heard. “AHH! MONKEYS!” Trinity smiled despite the situation. Some things didn’t change.
Noises of fighting and shouting were heard, muffled by the thick canvas. Her hands itched to strike, to put to use all of the training she had been doing. The necklace sung, craving the action as well. With most of her willpower, she kept still though. She listened closely for any irritating sign to run off. There were punches, kicks to a tree, and a couple of yelps – mostly from Ron. Naturally there were a few calls of fury and intent from Monkey Fist, followed by something heroic said from Kim.
This couldn’t last very long, she rationalized, someone would get worn out sooner or later. Yet it felt like it dragged on for hours. Or maybe it was because she wanted to join? Trinity scowled and tried to focus on the plan, reminding herself of the consequences if she were caught.
What was the harm if she were caught though? If she said she wasn’t hostage, yet she wasn’t stealing anything either? What if she just said she was having fun with Monkey Fist and…
No. She was round the bend if she started to think like that. It was getting into gray territory, a step away from…well, from Monty taking the necklace from her and ending their fun. To think about hurting her friends and family with the truth was one thing, but to actually do it was another. And the irony! Trinity scoffed bitterly. If she admitted the truth, Monty would be bound by his word to end it all. And why would he want a simple, boring, silly girl following him around? One who could die from a fall and miss a mark when she punched?
No. No this was for the best, for everyone.
Suddenly the closet door was thrown open! Trinity gasped and looked up to see…Miffy. “Oh, don’t do that! You scared me! What is it?” It took a moment to hear the monkeys chatter and translate, but… “Leave?!”
Oh damn it all, she thought, it was happening. Everything she desperately didn’t want to happen, it was happening. “You’ll come with me?” She repeated the monkey’s chatter to be sure. When Miffy nodded, she glanced once more at the window before sighing. “He’ll meet up with me. He will.” It was either a prayer or a statement.
Okay my lovely readers, I have a question for you. Should I continue this as “adventures of” and leave the timeline all in disarray? If I do, the next chapter will be some random time in the way, way future…
Or should I finish it out like an A, B, C story? In other words, end it soon? Please let me know so I can figure out a writing style. Thank you!


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YESSSSS!!!!!! *does a huge dance*

So having seen the preview of the latest episode of OUAT, it showed Rumpel speaking of love and of Belle and...just...YESSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

I loved Beauty and the Beast already, this is just enhancing and strengthing it ten fold!!!

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