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Thought we'd have an "Almost adorable" moment...

~Thirteen years later, Jack still Santa~

It had been a month or so since she had gotten sick, since Jack had been kind. It was still something on her mind because there were random moments throughout the past month where he...he wasn't as cruel. It was confusing. Almost as much to where she actually wondered if Jack was doing it on purpose to mess with her; however, she knew he wasn't. If he wanted to toy with her in this manner, he would have done it years ago.

So what was with him?

The "not so cruel" moments were small things, but spoke in large volumes. He didn't snarl as much, he let her have a bit more "me-time", he restrained his annoyance and rage around her, and he...well, the last one wasn't was huge. When he thought she was asleep, he would stroke her arm gently. Still, she wasn't quite sure if it was in possession or...well, what else would it be with this demon? But oddly enough, when she would pretend to stir awake, he would act as if he were fast asleep; it was as though he didn't want her to know he had caressed her. So if it were possession, why hide?

It was all quite mind boggling.

So just shy of a month and a half after her sick day, she was waiting in bed only to realize...she was waiting. A quick glance at the clock told her that Jack was about an hour late to his usual retirement time. Again, how odd! She decided to risk it, but perhaps it meant he was busy and wouldn't need her immediately so long as she was in his arms when he woke.

The girl slipped out of the room in her skimpy nightgown and plush robe to combat the cold, roaming down the halls. Still, no sign of Frost. It was worrisome, but she pushed it outside of her mind for now. Again, she reasoned so long as she was in his arms when he woke, it didn't matter if she was there when he retired so late.

Somehow her feet led her to the stage...that damn, cursed stage. Part of her wanted to vomit from it, from being humiliated on it. But the other part of her saw the piano and felt the strangest urge to play. When she sat down, she wondered what might come of it. There was nothing terribly happy in her life, so happy music seemed inappropriate. But...maybe...there was hope?

Her hands took over, her fingers glided over the keys to produce a soothing noise. The girl closed her eyes, trying to block out the stage around her, the reality around her. The reality that shouldn't exist, wouldn't possibly if she had somehow told the real Santa about Jack. It was enough to make her grimace and strike the wrong key.

Just as she opened her eyes to correct herself, a hand brushed against hers. She gasped and turned to see just who had struck the correct key, who had their palm on the back of her hand. "Jack..." she whispered, startled into using his first name.

Instead of snarling, instead of punishing, instead of even speaking...Jack merely stared at the piano. When he finally turned his eyes to hers, she was once again shocked; his eyes were gentle, soft, even...perhaps a little sad? His hand remained where it was as he sat on the edge of the bench.

The two stared at each other, lost in time, before he finally hit another key. And then another. She picked up his meaning and started on the song using her free hand, as he used his; their hands remained combined in the middle. The song continued, a mixture of hope and sadness in both the song and between the two beings.

It was astonishing, if not a bit frightening, at how well they were able to play their separate parts...together. Two parts of the piano used by two people to produce one song. The intimacy made her shiver. His look...Jack's body language and his look, his made her forget to breathe.
When the song ended at last, they remained like a statue for a beat longer. There were no words to say, nothing to do to undo it all. She was confused.Jack wasn't acting like himself for the first time in thirteen years. No...this was the second time he had been odd...but definitely the first he had been so...


The girl didn't pull her hand away, but brushed her pinky against his. Their shoulders were pressed against one another as they faced the piano but looked at each other. Jack let go and pulled away, turning to face her. The young lady did the same, as though hypnotized. His hand that had been playing the piano remained on the keys, as hers did.

Almost in sync, their hands drifted up each other's arms, up to one another's cheeks. He parted his lips, as though to say her name...but she leaned forward and pressed them into silence with her own.

A true...honest...kiss.
When everything goes back to normal...they're gonna blame the girl along with Jack. Just...prepare yourself.
Why? Because no one but Scott and Jack were able to remember what happened (yes?). But she how curious!
At last, inspiration and time to write.
Thirteen months and a day in. It was the morning after their Spain trip, their little club journey. Their dance both on the floor and between the sheets. Trinity was the first one to wake up and remember everything. Though her head was slightly fuzzy from the alcohol and excitement last night, her memory was sharp.
And oh, how sharp it was when she remembered what Monty looked like under these covers. She was on her side, looking at the monkey master on his back. The sheets covered just up to his stomach, a fact that made her blush. When she shifted, she flinched. Up until last night, she had been a virgin…
And that’s when it hit her.
She slept with Monkey Fist.
…and enjoyed it.
Trinity sat up and felt slightly sore, though it wasn’t terribly noticeable if she ignored it. Her body still felt his lips and teeth on certain parts, a sensation she blamed her memory for. She knew there were at least a handful of hickeys and bruises – and not from fighting either.
“Nngh, morning.” Monty’s growl broke the morning silence. She jumped slightly and turned to look, the sheets threatening to slip off her. Her hand went to catch them at her chest, her eyes wide and curious.
Trinity cleared her throat before nodding. “Morning.” She sounded unsure. And perhaps she was. It was one thing to kiss him, that meant nearly nothing but the need to defy the norm – and her feelings – and, too, they lived together for more than a year. But to have sex…she wasn’t sure how to feel about that.
When Monkey Fist’s eyes opened, unphased by the sunlight coming in, he stared right up at the girl. Much like his smirk, his eyes had a gleam of arrogance and satisfaction. He scratched his chest before rolling onto his side, propped up by his arm. “Are you alright?”
Alright from alcohol, the club, or the sex? If she said she liked it, would they do it again? What would it mean then? Would it be just another way to break a norm, something that felt good but meant nothing emotionally? Or did it mean she was in love with him, he had her wrapped around him? What if he didn’t feel the same way – whatever way that was? If she liked him and he didn’t, or if he liked her and she didn’t. Was it a one-time thing? How awkward if so, being her first and last time!
Trinity’s face must have looked as distraught and conflicted as she felt, for Monty reached out and rest his hand on her forearm. “Trin…it’s okay.” He sounded soothing but not overbearingly so. “As you said last night, it doesn’t mean we’re in love. There are no expectations or requirements, no pressure.”
He sat up fully and ran his hand up her back; to his delight, she shivered. He kept his hand at her shoulder, spotting the necklace that was still on. He had to resist the urge to grin, remembering how many times that lost contact with her flesh. “Do you feel any different?” To specify, he tugged at the necklace.
Trinity looked down and quickly hugged the blanket to herself. “Oh, the necklace.” She blushed vividly, knowing without looking that Monty was snickering. “I…I’m not sure. Guess I’d have to move around and test my reflexes. Either way, it’ll take a couple days for the necklace to give me power again.”
Quite abruptly, she found Monty’s body on her and her own against the bed. His hands had pinned hers above her head and despite there being a sheet between them, she felt his body heat. Trinity inhaled sharply before starting to struggle, growling. “Damn, alright I guess I do feel human again.”
When she had stopped, Monty stared down at her with his wild hair even messier – if possible. His leg was between hers and their lips inches away. She shuddered to see a certain look in his eyes, a gleam of need. That and, well, she felt his ‘need’ against her thigh. “There are,” his husky voice startled her, “many positions other than the ones we tried last night.” He was asking permission.
Trinity swallowed thickly, feeling the sluggish cloud of lust take over bit by bit. She went back to what he said, about them not being in love…as she had stated before. But…
“What if we are in love?” It came out no more than a squeak, but he heard it.
To his credit, he didn’t shy away or turn his nose up at it. Instead, he stared into her eyes while his thumb rubbed circles on her wrist. “If we are,” he spoke slowly and deliberately, “then we are. And if we aren’t, we aren’t. Our deal still stands.”
“And…and if it’s…one-sided?” The love, that was.
Monty parted his lips but didn’t speak just yet. Why? Before she could ponder it, he answered, “The deal, as always, is in your hands, Princess.”
Then it clicked. Trinity felt secure in her decision, past and present, for he was a man of his word. She wouldn’t lose him until she wanted – or needed – to. And that little bit of power allowed her not to question herself once more. So she leaned forward and captured his lips, her hips moving against his with sudden want.
So much for seeing the city…
I just finished inputting 5 packets of data at our midnight. I emailed my midnight.


And said, in response to what I emailed her, that she thinks I just found my thesis hypothesis!!! midnight.

No one ate the next morning. It was somber and exhausting to realize that today was the day Evey should have been getting dressed in her bride’s outfit; however, instead they were packing up to leave at noon. Evey wore her simple blue dress instead of the brilliant white she had ordered so many moons ago.
Everyone was at the table in the dining hall, quiet. Some were eating, some were picking at the food, some were drinking, but the few most effected just stared at their plate. Evey didn’t sleep well at all, but the shadows under her eyes did not match Magnus’. Vailean was silent and looked weary, but not as worn out as the other two.
Where had he gone after all was said and done? Did he go to the servants’ hall to find Annis? Did they curl up in a tower or, worse, a bed somewhere and whisper their plans to marry now that he was free? Or did Vailean just go to bed, silent and contemplating?
Helena stood suddenly. She cleared her throat and spoke steadily, “If it is acceptable, my husband and I would like a word with the Macintosh clan. Evey, please stay seated.”
Though startled, those that were not Magnus, Vailean, Evey, Helena, and her husband left the room. Evey watched her mother keep standing, trying her best not to glance over at either of the Macintosh men. She was still angry, still upset at what they had done. The crying fit she had shared with Magnus last night soothed her some, but the reality kept striking her that she was damned. It was exhausting to be reminded every few minutes that she would soon be on a boat back to her homeland.
And why? Because the Duchess discovered the truth, discovered the trickery that happened a while back. It wasn’t fair, Evey thought for the twentieth time. Vailean had failed to get Merida’s hand…what did it matter if they married now, when Vailean was free? Well, as free as one can get with a commoner as a mistress. But one’s word was their word, she knew, and it meant volumes in the realm of building bridges.
Once the doors were shut, everyone stood and gathered around Helena’s table. She stood tall and looked amongst the trio before sighing. “When our children were born, the late Lady Macintosh reached across the ocean to set up her son’s betrothal in England. Between us, we drew up a contract. In summary, the betrothal would be between the Macintosh family and the Elward family. It had several clauses in it, ranging from striking to loyalty. One part of the contract stated that if either were to court another, the contract would be null and void.
“Lord Macintosh, you broke the betrothal between young Vailean and Evey when you had him try for the Princess’ hand. We are allowed then to take back our land, dowry, and most importantly, our daughter; we are allowed to have our daughter marry another noble family.” A look of pain flashed across both Evey’s and Magnus’ face.
The Duchess carried on, “However, it is a waste of time, resources, and effort to have Evey sent anywhere else. After spending so many months in Scotland preparing to marry into the clan, it would be pointless to try and recreate a fresh start where there is none now. Yet…she cannot marry Vailean. It would be disrespecting the contract that the late Lady Macintosh created. More to the point, young Vailean has another in mind for the position of his wife.
“This leaves only one possible, logical option for all parties involved: LordMacintosh.”  
Everyone looked at Magnus, a brief moment of silence in which everyone tried to process what had been proposed. The Duchess had effectively broken off the contract with Vailean only to tie her daughter Evey to Magnus. Once everyone understood this, Magnus spoke, “I…don’t think I quite understand, Duchess Elward.” He muttered with his eyes on the older woman and not on Evey. “I cannot marry again – I cannot marry Evey. My wife only just passed!”
Evey swallowed dryly, her grip on the table tight enough to leave an indent of her nails. Within the past twenty-four hours, she had had her heart broken…now it was shattered from Magnus’ words. She thought they were friends; they had certainly been enjoyable company to each other. What happened?
The woman smirked, actually smirked! When those at the table looked properly confused, she said smoothly, “While I do not mean to disrespect Peigi’s memory, it has been over a decade since your wife passed.”
“She’s…too young!”
“You forget, it is quite common in this time for youth to marry wisdom.”
“I do not…see her in that light.”
The English woman’s eyes softened as she spoke, “Lord Macintosh, you are either a fool or a liar – surely you cannot be a liar. I have seen how you look at my daughter and how she looks at you. I have witnessed the intimate moment of comforting from the shadows…you do have feelings for her, the same, I would wager, that she has towards you.”
Finally Evey and Magnus looked at each other. It felt like no one else was there with them as if realizing the truth just now. Both of their faces turned comically red and their gazes shy. When they said nothing, the Duchess stood. “We will leave you to ponder the offer to save the dowry and the lands, Lord Macintosh.”
When the room was clear except for Evey and Magnus, they finally moved.  They shifted and stood, their eyes locked. What could they say? Evey’s mother had just taken away Vailean and asked/offered Magnus, berated him for failing to see how they felt towards each other…all in one breath. Evey clasped her hands together, trying to stop the shaking that was all too visible. “It…seems I have been offered a way to stay in this beautiful land.” She tried to sound casual and diplomatic about it.
Macintosh cleared his throat, his own hand trembling. “How English of ya.” He tried to make light of it, poking fun at her stereotype while he lived up to his own. “I must be honest, I haven’t looked at another woman in that way since…well, since Pigiet. Now the Duchess is tryin’ to replace my son…with me.” There was silence between, hearing it spoken heavy enough. “Ya deserve better.” His shoulders had sagged slightly, that tired look in his eyes came back full force. It was rare to see Macintosh so exhausted, so defeated; Evey’s heart ached from it. “Ya deserve a young lad to give ya a lifetime of children and love. When I first saw ya get off the ship til now, helpin’ you as I could…I was makin’ you comfortable here. Foreign land, it is terrifyin’. I never thought anythin’ more.”
Evey gave a weak smile, her eyes wet from tears. This was just too much to take in. First she was told Vailean had broken the contract, that she would have to go home unmarried, and now she was offered another way to stay…and marry the man who was trying to keep her at arm’s length. The man who had said just last night that she didn’t have to leave if she didn’t want to, he was fighting it, fighting her.
“My lord…I…” she didn’t know what to say. “Vailean is…a grand man. He was raised well, but he was never meant to be my husband; he loves Annis. I have often wondered and longed for a husband that I heard you were to your Lady. Vailean could never be that, but I was okay with it. And now…now I…” she rubbed her face, leaning against the desk. “Magnus, you…don’t you feel it? The butterflies in your stomach when we see each other? Haven’t you ever caught yourself thinking, dreaming of me when you thought you shouldn’t? Surely even you have replayed so many of our moments together in your mind! I have wondered about what this all means for many months…and now here is the answer.”
Whether or not Magnus had the same experience as Evey was not said. Instead, he spoke with a louder, though not firmer, voice. “Lady Elward, I must respectfully decline this offer. It isn’t proper.” He couldn’t look her in the eye, he was staring at the table as if it had an intrinsic design.
There it was again, the panic and hurt. This time it wasn’t at the idea of being sent back to England by the contract, but by Magnus. But she fought and beat the useless feelings down. Tears would not persuade him, it would merely guilt him and she didn’t want that. No, Evey wanted Magnus to come to the conclusion she had on his own volition.
They were getting nowhere. If Evey could not talk to Macintosh through emotions, she would try to get through to him by discussing the thing he had wanted with Vailean and Merida: land and money. “Magnus, I cannot…I cannot be like your late wife. I wish I could because that would ensure your never-ending love and devotion, something I would give all of England for. But since I do not have all of England to give, I would remind you of the land and the dowry you’ll get from having me in your clan.” It was a mess, she knew, but she couldn’t help but spill her guts and ask for wealth transactions at the same time.
A long pause passed between them before he took half a step closer, around the table. “Evey…I would never ask you to be anyone else but you. That includes trying to bargain yourself like…like an object.” He took another step closer. “Not when you have accepted me for every flaw. You have reminded me that there is more than just land and money, something I had forgotten before you arrived.”
“What…what are you saying, Magnus?” Evey looked up at him with wide eyes, fearful to hope. He stood before her and said nothing for the longest minute. She would have squirmed in the silence, but she was instead caught in his gaze.
He had had enough time to think. He had enough time to wrestle with himself – he had been doing so for months. To see that Evey was willing to try a new skin just for him to accept her, accept them…he kneeled in front of the Englishwoman. He took her hand, never losing her gaze.
“I’m sayin’…” his voice was a soft rumble, “Lady Evey, you have made it into my heart and my life in ways I couldn’t imagine before. Would you stay here and join the Macintosh clan?”
The intensity of his stare made her blush vividly, a flutter in both her heart and stomach. Had she not been sitting, she would have quite possibly swooned. Her head was nodding, her vision blurred slightly by her happy tears.
“My lord…it would be my utmost honor to be Lady Evey Macintosh.”

There’s MORE to come! :) Stay tuned haha
It’s midnight and I’m wide awake.

I’ve got a half-gone pint of Blue Moon in my hand, standing on my third story balcony in my underwear, looking for the full moon tonight.

I want to howl at it.

There’s no one to talk to and nothing to do, but I’m wide awake.

What’s this “wild night life of college students” again?


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YESSSSS!!!!!! *does a huge dance*

So having seen the preview of the latest episode of OUAT, it showed Rumpel speaking of love and of Belle and...just...YESSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

I loved Beauty and the Beast already, this is just enhancing and strengthing it ten fold!!!

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